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Make It Happen

Make It Happen

Choose to be happyWhat is the most attractive asset you have?

Hands down one of the most sort after attributes asked for by the majority of my Singles is. Happiness, happiness is contagious and great to be around.  In my business, feedback is terribly important. Do you know what I hear a lot of? …. Winging Winging and negativity. People stop it. No one wants to be around someone that  lives there life by a country song. (By the way I happen to love country music.) But you know what I mean. Those people out there that have lost there marriage the house then the dog dies and there kids wont talk to them for some unknown reason.

Your first date is not a place to relive the past five years of sadness. Just because they sit there and listen does not mean they care or even want to know. It just means they are polite. In a weeks time when they are avoiding your calls, think back and ask yourself. Did I talk to much about my past? Did I run down my EX? Did I sit there and talk about a job I hate? If you said yes to any of those you could have your answer.

So lets start living. Lets start looking on the bright side and smile you way into love.  I know if I walk in the door at home and take my crappy day with me it sets to mood for the night. Is that a mood I need or want in my life. HELL NO !!!!

I know it is impossible to be happy all the time and I understand that life deals us terrible deals at times, it is just a hole you need to dig your self out of. Today is the first day of spring, breath in the fresh air, enjoy the sunshine, if it rains enjoy that too.

If you want to dump your sadness on someone one talk to the dog not the person who will walk away from you because your life just sounds to hard.

Here are a few people to check out.

Sally Holden  Life Coach

 Try Yoga

Bianca Life Coach

Cyan Relationship Therapist

Look at your diet.

The old saying about you are what you eat is so true. If you eat and put vibrant goodness into your body you will feel the difference. Check out Pete Evans his Facebook feed is full of wonderful stories about people that have reclaimed their life and have found new energy.

Happiness breeds happiness, I’m not saying you need to be the life of the party even portray you lead a blessed life. What I am saying is look for the positive, look for the kind in people and above all look for it i yourself. Being a person people wan to be around is important when you are looking for someone to share the rest of you life with.

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Sarah Schmidt