The Three Date Concept with Sarah Schmidt 

We all have been there and done that with dating. When you prattle on and on and sometimes on about something stupid. Or your date asks you a question and suddenly 30 minutes later it seems to be still pouring out of you …. You know you shouldn’t be talking about Ex’s but she did ask…. Well she didn’t ask for a full rundown or blow by blow story of how you met and how he or she suddenly broke your heart into a million pieces. 


The question might be. Have you got children? Then 30 min later you still telling your date the strange color of your 3 year old’s poop or how they are constantly getting in to trouble at school and you are at your wits end and you feel like you are a terrible parent and all you can think about is the bottle of Red waiting for you when you get home. 

I’m sure you can see where I am going. We all have stuff, we all have a past and a ridicules amount going on in our lives. If you didn’t I would have to wonder why and how you specifically got away with it. 

I constantly hear back from members…. 

“Wow she had a bad Childhood.”  “All he talked about was how his Ex took him to the cleaners” or God forbid you start talking about all the crazy horrible people you have met through Country Dating…. Lol This is after the FIRST date… 

I was always taught…. If you don’t have something nice to say about someone just say nothing at all. 

So getting back to the Three Date Concept. 

The first date can and often is a disaster. You know what? That is ok… It is pretty normal to be nervous when you meet someone for the first time. Are you meeting the real person on the first date… Well sometimes you are but more often than not. 

That’s were the second date comes in. The second date is a little more relaxed. But still you are not really meeting the real person. It is not until the third date that you can really get a good idea whom this person really is. 

My Job is not only to Match people but to help them navigate the dating world. I can’t change people and nor do I want to. I do want people to put their best foot forward but really that is a whole other blog for another day…. 

Three dates you can usually see the real person. When you break it down would you want someone to judge you and walk away because you were so nervous crazy person on your first date? I think not. 

When you Join Country dating you become part of our Family. I love looking after my Family 

Give people a chance to show them how awesome they are. Don’t look at the imperfections because I can guarantee you have just as many. (Just saying) 


Sarah Schmidt 

Country Dating Director 

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