Oh My … 

The bachelor 2023 Australia. I really don’t know where to start. No, actually I do. I do NOT watch the bachelor 2023 Australia. Or anything like Wife Swap or other reality shows that involve relationships. So you may ask why Sarah is writing a blog about it..  Well, I just happened to catch 10 min of it the other day. To say I was Gobsmacked was an understatement. I understand it is all about ratings and pretty people. I absolutely fully understand why I don’t watch it! 

The behavior of these ladies was disgusting and I sincerely hope my members are not like this out on dates. This is not real life at all. I would hate to think that was the current dating scene in Aust. Admittedly if you know me you would know that I am a little on the conservative side. I like to think Country Dating as a business attracts more down-to-earth members. I understand they are seeking their 5 Min of fame. I understand I live in a country Bubble and I am absolutely ok with that. Let’s not even go there with the LOVE BOAT …. I only watched the ads and those were cringeworthy. 

I want the takeaway to be the bachelor 2023 Australia is a joke and I feel embarrassed for their contestants I hope they know and understand that the production team only shows the juicy stuff they think the public wants to see. 

The Love Boat went to a late time slot so I hope that means it will be no longer….