Well the story of my life…. I have wonderful members that coming into my office knowing what they want… Well they think they do. When you join an Introduction Agency like Country Dating you are asked to fill out what we call a Personal Particulars file. This form helps the consultant work out the sort of person you want in your life. There are lots of different questions on hobbies, personalities and physical preferences.  Now as you all know (If you have filled one out) there are pretty involved. The more we know about you the more hope we have of finding you someone spectacular.

So today I met with a wonderful member that has been courted by a gent that was not one of my members (actually 2 ) any way to cut a long story short. She is a taller lady.. around 5’10 and her ex husband was a farmer…. Well two very solid requirements she had was NO FARMERS !!! and he had to be TALL… Now this story is no unusual at all. Trust me….

So my beautiful member tells me today about these 2 gents that have asked her out…. One is a Farmer and the other is shorter !!!!! Well she now does not know what to do…. Her past is screaming at her saying no farmers and tradition is screaming at her saying the man must be taller… When do we decide what is best for us…. There are so many things that create a relationship and sometimes breaking the NORM or what someone thinks is the NORM is absolutely fine. I can guarantee I never match everything  every time. If I tried to do that there were be some pretty quiet weeks …… No one wants that.

Another example was another gorgeous client desperately wanted a Cattle Farmer because that is what she grew up with. Just the other day I convinced her to meet genuine non cattle farming gents and the world has suddenly opened up for her. She was so worried she would have nothing to talk about with them. Her girlfriend wanted her to meet a Teacher friend of hers… She said she new nothing about teaching and what would they talk about? Well I know a few teachers and we rarely talk about their teaching.

What I am saying is Don’t put yourself in a small box. He or she may sound perfect on paper but if there is no connection there is really no point. Open up your possibilities… The most successful clients tell me they just want someone great and let me work my magic.  The ones that tend to stick around alot longer put up barriers that they truly think are important.

There are amazing members hidden in my files…. They know how to love and be loved, they are genuine, caring, kind amd ready for a relationship. If you break down your barriers your world will be full of incredible possibilities.