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Make It Happen

Make It Happen

Spring is Finally here.

As normal it seems winter has lasted an eternity and the count down for glorious weather has been long and uneventful. Well now it is here we have absolutely no excuse’s to be dull and grey anymore. Now is the time to get out and love life, It is time to shake off the winter blues and smell the spring air. Soon your calendar will begin to fill with social events, your friends will start to ask you around for BBQ’s as the evenings begin to stretch. And you will dutifully head out and stand around making small talk about how wonderful the weather is or how the kids or grand kids are going at school. You will be out having a nice time and then you will head home to an empty home. It will be quiet and you will tell the walls what a lovely time you had and how Jenny has lost 20 kg and she looks wonderful. You might open a beer or a bottle of wine and check out what is on TV.

You sit and ponder how wonderful your friends are and how they try their hardest to include you, but really you still feel like a third wheel. You know you have a lot to offer the right person but you just can’t seem to find someone you really connect with.

Historically Spring is the busiest time at Country Dating and this year will be no different. The phone is definitely starting to warm up and clients that I have not heard from for months are starting to emerge like little butterflies.

And of course with the Henty Field Days coming up that is always a huge injection of wonderful new members for Spring. If you are heading to the Field Days make sure you pop in and see me at site 20 down near the dog trails. You never know I might have a special giveaway.

So embrace Spring and all it has to offer. Stop being the third wheel and book in for a Call back below. A friendly Matchmaker will give you a call and tell you about someone wonderful you could have in your life.

Sarah Schmidt