Mistakes men make Country dating

You do not need to be swinging from the rafters or even be contemplating anything sexual. These six  Relationship Mistakes men make in the bedroom that woman hate can soon kill the mood.

The bedroom is a sacred place, where even the most unaffectionate couples can spoon or just be close. It is a place of privacy and having that alone time that in any relationship is sometimes hard to find.

Relationship Mistakes 1:

Firstly this is in the preparation time.  You tell your partner that you are heading for bed. You know he is tired and whatever is on the TV is not something he is interested in. He casually say’s sure I will be there in a minute. You give him a little wink and a nudge and crawl between the sheets wait.  You may not be waiting for a crazy mind blowing love making session, it might just be a snuggle or a peck on the cheek. But you are waiting.  A few minutes turns into half an hour and really you suddenly don’t give two hoots if he comes to bed or spends the night on the couch.

Relationship Mistakes 2:

After he has made his feelings very clear in the fact that the SBS documentary about belly button fluff was more important than following you off to the bedroom he then turns up as you are drifting off to beautiful slumber and he considers the little wink you gave him earlier in the evening to be sill an option. Really BELLY BUTTON FLUFF was it that interesting?

Relationship Mistakes 3:

Men and the occasional lady that they are hilarious when they bring out the old Dutch oven gag. Well that what you do when you are pinned under the donner gagging for fresh air. Not funny gents.

Relationship Mistakes 4:

While you may give yourself pep talks before a lazy encounter or pat yourself on the back after a great time in bed, don’t be too smug about knowing what women want. A recent survey suggests that most men are not the skilful lovers they think themselves to be. When it comes to the fundamentals, men tend to make some serious mistakes in the sack. One of the big ones is Silent Play. No matter the circumstances, most men tend to be eerily silent during the entire act. You may think that’s fine, but this makes your woman feel alienated. It makes her wonder if she’s actually pleasuring you. There’s no need to exaggerate your feelings, but you can let your partner know you’re enjoying her company in a genuine way. The occasional moans and groans are not such a bad thing.

Relationship Mistakes 5:

LACK OF GROOMING!: Men can be lazy or forget that although they may actually like smells, most women don’t want their men to smell anything but clean and fresh. Bathe and shout yourself some really good aftershave and stick with it.  Even just walking past a man that smells go is enough to put some woman in the mood for a lot more than just a snuggle.

Relationship Mistakes 6:

As you can see in the photo above this man should consider himself blessed to have a woman in his life with such a hot little booty. Guys look what is directly in front of you. Enough said.


Sarah Schmidt