Why Work With Me?

Dating Services

Why Use Us?  There are hundreds of agencies out there, many of which are Internet-based and little more than a listing service provided on a subscription basis.

We asses you and your hopes, needs and dreams before we start talking charge. The memberships and Dating services we offer are for those that are ready to move on with life and not look back. The inherent drawback with online dating type of dating service is that ‘matching’ is computer-based and cannot truly assess potential partners or gain a true understanding of an individual’s feelings and aspirations. While these services initially seem inexpensive, costs all too often escalate and clients quickly find themselves drip-feeding money into a system designed, not for them, but for the agency.

Do you want to move from where you are today to a place where you can say you are truly happy and comfortable in your relationship?

From your first contact with Country dating, a consultant is appointed to sit with you and spend the time necessary to get to know you, your background, your lifestyle and your expectations in a relationship. Put simply, we listen.

We will go step by step with you through our  dating services.

Before you make the decision to join us, you will be given a clearly documented record of associated costs. These costs are affordable, scalable and can be paid in installments if required. You will also be given a document that clearly outlines our respective obligations.

With Country dating, there are no hidden extras. It’s up-front, honest and we are here to help you find a relationship that works for you. Dating is not easy but is can be exciting and fun if you let it. We will help you with your journey. Call today 0457 541 950

Working in a very male dominated work place I found it hard to meet ladies. Catherine was great, she found ladies that were down to earth that loves the outdoors just as much as I did. Awesome job


Living on a Property 80km from Albury made it really hard to meet anybody and not many ladies like living so so far out of town. Catherine introduced me to country ladies that understood farming life. Now I have Beth and all she loves the farm just as much as I do. Thankyou.


I have just spent my first X-mass with my new hubbi Ben. Thank you so much for every thing you done, I would still be sitting at home alone if it was not for you.


Just a short note to say thank you for giving me the chance to meet David. We are still getting to know each other, but in he meantime, spending some wonderful times together and thoroughly enjoying one another’s company.

 Thanks Again


Profile guide lines.

  • No real or last names.
  • No place of work.
  • No outlandish comments that are in no way true.
  • No profane or bad language.
  • Country Dating reserves the right to edit profiles to increase enquiry rates.

Please take your time to get this right as this is an important part of your membership. The better your profile, the more people will enquire about you, therefore increasing the chances of meeting the perfect person.

When writing your profile, be truthful, tell people what you are really looking for, but don’t be too “strict”. Be positive and upbeat, no one wants to meet someone that is down in the dumps and depressed.