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Sally Holden

Sally Holden


Do you remember when you fell deeply, head over heels in love for the first time? Do you remember the passion and excitement that you felt the first time your hands touched, or your lips met?

Personally I don’t think that there is any other area of life, where people suffer the most when things are not going well, or where people are most excited, radiant and energised when things feel extraordinary in our intimate relationship.

Whether you are single and looking to meet the person of your dreams, just starting out in a new relationship or have been married for a long time, some time or another we have all experienced pain in our intimate relationships. I know for me personally, after having experienced a divorce from a 14 year long relationship, 8 years ago and now also being in the most incredible relationship that I’ve ever experienced, that love can certainly take it’s toll on us at times!

We can all tend to think that if only my partner didn’t behave that way, or if they were different, then I could be happy.

When in reality, there is nothing further from the truth, and nothing more damaging than to want, need and expect our partner to change for our happiness to improve. In doing so, we remain completely powerless to feel good each day, which will only lead to further issues within the relationship and most of the time will cause a lot of reactivity between our self and our partner.

I’m excited to share with you my first podcast interview with Sarah from Country Dating. Together we explore the topic of “Becoming the person you want to meet and be with” and whilst the topic is aimed more towards the single population, I absolutely believe that this will offer great value to anyone wanting to experience, more passion, fun, joy and happiness in their intimate relationship, because ultimately, that is up to us!

I believe that one reason that causes people to move out of the “Honeymoon Phase” is because we succumb to the law of familiarity and we start to take our partner for granted. We allow the daily stresses to come between the special moments that we initially cherished so much with that special person and our feminine and masculine polarities start to shift, which massively affects our chemistry. (More on this in another email.) In time people feel worn down and exhausted by life and the general expectation and consensus is that this passion wanes over time, whether it is a month or two or a year or two, most people subscribe to their ill fated belief that passion and chemistry just do not last long term in any relationship.

I’m here to shake that belief up a little!

I truly believe that by being the best version of our self, we can absolutely elicit the best from our partner. The better we feel, the less likely we are going to react with anger or frustration and instead come from a place of heartfelt understanding and holding a sacred space for our partner to express their feelings. Along with increased understanding and appreciation for our partner, comes a togetherness and an emotional intimacy that is only deepened through physical connection, leading to joy, passion, love and happiness.

As Sarah states, “we want to feel happy in our self and in our skin again, to have a partner compliment us and travel by our side and to create a life that we are happy with.”

We can only do so by deciding that we are the ones that are in charge of our own happiness!

I’ve included some ideas on how we can do that in the podcast; such as how to increase our positive mindset, showing up for our self and making small, daily consistent changes to build self belief, being selfish and taking care of ourselves and asking our self daily, “Is what I’m doing right now, going to take me to where I want to be?”.

I’m super curious though, and would love to hear your ideas on what you personally believe creates authentic happiness and what would be most important for you to learn or overcome in order to be able to achieve this for yourself?

I’m really looking forward to your ideas and thoughts on this and would love your help! If you could drop me a super fast email, even with one or two sentences or thoughts on this, I would be super appreciative!

Thanking you in advance!

Click the button below to listen to the podcast with Sarah ” Becoming the Person you want to meet and be with” (It’s the last one at the bottom of the page) and I look forward to hearing your ideas.

As always, you know how much I love to help wherever I can, if you have something that you’d like to work on that’s been holding you back I’d love to hear from you and I’d be delighted to work with you one on one in a
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Looking forward to speaking with you soon and assisting you to embrace even more of your own inner awesomeness,

In Health, Love and Light,

Sal Holden xo


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Listen to the Podcast

Listen to the Podcast
“Becoming the person you want to meet and be with”