Plenty of fish Albury has been around for years. Free internet dating at its best.  You may ask…. Sarah, why are you writing about Plenty of Fish Albury? Simple answer really. Because people ask me all the time. What is the difference between Plenty of Fish and Country Dating?

Firstly let me warn you this could end up as a bit of a rant. Online dating drives me insane, yes I know thousands of people use it every day. I can tell you now thousands complain as well. Internet dating is a massive money making machine with billions of dollars spent worldwide every year.

Dating Scams

The Dating scams are intricate, extremely well planned and thought out and scare me. I have watched both men and woman be taken down the garden path of lies deceit costing them thousands of dollars. The whole time there friend’s family and myself trying desperately to make them see what is really going on.  I’m not saying Plenty of Fish or any other online dating app would condone this at all. But it just cannot be policed. Once the scammer has been reported it is too late. The online scam has already started its web of deceit and lies. Some lonely person is falling in love with someone that is telling them exactly what they want to hear.  Check out this link to find out more.

The beauty of using a Dating agency or Introduction agency like Country Dating is the scammers a 99% less likely to be there. I’m not sure with other agencies but I know for a fact that with Country Dating members I am like a bit of a Mother hen. My members deserve respect and I demand it.

With online dating, it is too easy to use old photos and tell little white lies. This leaves the person they are meeting very disappointed and no one needs to start a relationship with a lie.

Another advantage of being a member of an introduction agency like Country Dating is if someone came through my doors and I honestly did not feel comfortable with them I would not join them…. A little odd not a problem but creepy no thank you very much. If I feel creeped out, just Imajin how my members would feel.

They are just a few of the reasons I don’t like online dating apps like Plenty of Fish Albury.

Check out this link from a Sunrise segment, really scary stuff. Another reason to go through a reputable agency.

Sarah Schmidt