Date Night 

We all know the feeling of having your date over for dinner for the first time. For some it is a dreaded fear and the anxiety it creates is not comfortable at all and at times ruins the night completely. But being organised and with a simple dish like my Peasant Parmi will insure you have more time to get a little romantic and concentrate on the fun stuff.

A good Parmi sauce can potentially take hours to make if you do it properly and if you are not a confident cook this can be a small drama. This dish you can make well in advance and pop in the fridge. After your first glass of wine you can whip it out and pop it in the oven. Then move on to making a garden salad chatting away sipping on whatever you are drinking.

This does not work if you are stuck in the kitch and your date is in a different room. So invite them in, set them up on a stool to chat while you get organised. If your kitchen is not Date Night worthy get the salad sorted and pop it in the fridge.


2 Chicken Snitties cooked till golden

1 large vine ripened tomato sliced

Fresh mozzarella thickly sliced.

Parsley / Mild Chilli for garnish.

Put it together as seen in the photos above. Important to note…. ask about the Chilli…. Exploding your mates head off with a birds eye could potentially be funny but date night is not a great place for this joke at all. Actually it is a great way to end your night quicker than expected.

Then all you need to do is pop it on 170 C and wait till they are golden brown and serve with your fresh garden salad…. It is that easy and simple.

I would love to know how you went so make sure you send me a Pick 🙂