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OH CRAP !!!!

Make It Happen

Suddenly you have to start dating again. OH CRAP!!

stressed out first dateSo you have been married for 20, 30 sometimes well over 40 years and you find yourself back on the dating scene. Holy crap what next. There are so many things to think about. Where do you go? When do you go? Should I tell the kids? All sorts of crazy doubts can creep into your mind. Well I can guarantee you are no alone. With the divorce rate being as high as it is there are thousands of divorcees joining the singles market every year. And yes things are different from years ago. But at the end of the day all you need to remember it to be your self. If that is not good enough it is their loss. I’m not saying you should rock up to your dating in your daggy tracky pants that you lounge around in on a winters afternoon because that is you. You still have to put your best foot forward a try and impress. Just don’t go over board and pretend to be someone your not just to win points. You will end up coming undone in the end or coming across as fake.

One thing to boosts your confidence on a first date is to be organised. Before you organise the date have a plan. Is it coffee or a drink at a nice bar. What night of the week are you free or is a afternoon a better option. Remember a quiet drink can be nice butt is easy over do it and then suddenly you are 6 foot tall and bullet proof and saying things that may or may not be all that bright. (Even though at the time you thank you are awesome)

Just a few points to remember

  • Make sure you have each others phone number in case someone is running late or lost.
  • Be early. Being tarty for a date shows disrespect and having to wait and feel unsure about if the other person is even going to show up is not a nice feeling to have. (Not a good foot to start off on. )
  • If you are running late make sure you call or send a quick text to reassure your date you are still coming.
  • I am a little old fashioned and fell the gent should pay for the first drink or coffee.
  • If you are suggesting a particular place make sure it is not extravagantly expensive unless you are the one footing the bill.
  • Ladies if you have no intention of seeing the gent again, offer to pay half. Some times the gent will insist so do what feels right.
  • Dress up, put in an effort. Be clean. Putting your best foot forward it is important.
  • Don’t talk or complain about money. (No one likes someone that is really tight with money)
  • Be organised, think about questions you could potentially ask.
  • Be yourself. If they are not interested it is their loss and there will be someone better just around the corner.
  • If you are meeting through a matchmaker like myself feedback is really important.

Meeting people trough someone like Country dating can be fun but still daunting if you haven’t dated for a long time. But remember it is still exciting and fun. If you go in with the right attitude and enjoy yourself you will be a lot more successful.

Good luck xxxxx


Sarah Schmidt