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Introduction Agency Free Consultation

In today’s society it is easy to just click away and truly believe you are getting Value. Yes I do have an epic Personal particulars form and It seems forever to fill it out and there is a lot of clicking entailed. However I like to go a bit beyond the clicking and actually get to know people. Find out who they truly are and what they are looking for. This needs to be done in person. Any half decent Introduction Agency will try to meet with you in person. That is why I am offering an Obligation free appointment. This appointment usually takes up to an hour. It can either be done in person at my Albury office or over Skype.

If at the end of this appoint I truly believe you are the sort of client that we can work with and you feel comfortable that what we offer an how we run our agency, only then can we consider joining you up and welcoming you to our family. (Yes fees if applicable will be discussed.)

If we cannot meet your needs or requirements we will be truthful and hopefully point you in the right direction. Maybe to a different Introduction agency or different social groups they may appeal.

We are not interested in telling you what you want to hear just to ensure you hand over your hard earned dollar.

We at Country dating are in the business of creating desirable, engaging , long-term relationships that bring happiness and fulfillment to all those that are involved.

We are in the business of fixing broken families and helping single parents teach their children what a healthy relationship looks like so they don’t grow up thinking fighting and yelling is normal.

We are in the business of happiness, love, passion and friendship.

We can help you if you let us.

All you need to do to get that adventure started is fill out this quick form and I will give you a call.

Good luck and My kindest regards

Sarah Schmidt
(Company director)

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