Country Dating Matchmakers 

This page will hopefully one day be full of Country Dating Matchmakers from all over Australia. 

These men and women run their own Micro Matchmaking business. With the Support of Country Dating… Choose one that is geographically closest to you as they will know the local clientele the best. If you can’t find one that’s ok we will allocate a Matchmaker to you that is best suited. 

All our Matchmakers are Police Checked, fully trained and genuine about helping you make incredible Changes to your life.  

How to become a Country Dating Matchmaker 

Sarah Schmidt 

Well we better start with me… I am along with my Husband Brad the owner of Country Dating.  I am based just outside Albury and have been a Matchmaker for over 20 years. I have two kids a small farm where we have sheep, chickens, cattel, bees and lots more. I work Tuesday through to Friday and pop in on Saturdays for appointments. 

Being a Matchmaker has enabled me to make incredible changes in people’s lives. I not sure how many couples and families we have had a part in creating but it would be in the thousands. I love what I do, I love to keep busy and I can not wait until I have more Matchmakers helping people make changes in their clients lives.  Register now