Everyone is here for the same reason so people we all need to be on the same page. Well, you would think we were.

So let me put it into perspective.

So Dave how did you go with Karen?

Well she sounded really nice but we didn’t get around to meeting

Oh why what happened?

Well I was busy she was busy and we just didn’t get around to it.


What do you mean you didn’t get around to it!!!!!!!!

What the xxxxxx !!!!!

Come on people you are missing out on meeting someone that is incredible. Is that really what you want. I know you are not here to waste your hard earned cash or your time.

Everyone here has come from a place that was not pleasant. Being alone, single and lonely is not pleasant.  Everyone is here for a really special reason. Walking up my stairs making the decision to put your faith in my ability to make you happy is not an easy one for most people. Admitting they need a hand with dating is not easy.

Well, I can only do so much. If you don’t want to go the extra mile to put yourself out there you are in the wrong place.

Another perfect example.

I left 3 messages. She didn’t call me back.

Please if you are going to accept an introduction have the decency to answer the phone or at least return a call. I understand there is a certain element of fear and nerves. I feel your pain and if you let me know I will work with you until we get this right. If you need some coaching we will make it happen, if you need a shot of courage let me give it to you.

But “Stop making excuses!”

This is just too important. Not only are you doing your introduction a disservice you are crippling your chances of finding happiness. Is that what you need to hear?

I Love every one of my gorgeous member’s and if you need to hear the hard truth so bee it. I’m not here to waste your time or mine.

Step up and be accountable for your future. Let me help you create an amazing life that you want.

Dating in Canberra Wagga Shepparton or Albury Wodonga is not easy. It truly doesn’t matter if you are in a big city or id you are dating in a country town with 500 people. The emotions are the same. You have the same fears you have the same expectations.

Rant over I am more than positive you got my gist. Reach out and take what you deserve.

Sarah Schmidt
Sarah Schmidt Introduction Agency