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Make It Happen

Make It Happen

What Kissing Brings to a relationship.


Some people are affectionate, some are not. Relationships & lives have been decided on that first kiss. It is that moment when you know there is, or could be an amazing adventure in your future . You have that feeling in the pit of your stomach that that creates an excitement that is hard to explain. It is the moment when you think this is the last first kiss that you may ever have and you are OK with that. That first kiss is the first sensual and intimate stage in a relationship and it has to be right. (Not to put the pressure on.)

Part of being in a relationship is showing and receiving affection. Statistically being in a physically loving intimate relationship can reduce your chances of depression and mental health issues by over 80% depending on what study you read.

Kissing is an action that can be passionate beyond measure or just a simple show of care and love. Kissing especially in public shows you are proud to be with that person, it shows to others that you and in a relationship and enjoying every moment.

The feeling of being loved and wanted is ingrained into our  nature, mankind’s primal need to be loved, respected and wanted is almost as strong as a parents love for a child. Regular shows of affection privately or publicly helps a relationship stay strong and healthy.


Sarah Schmidt