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Floating around the dating game for over 20 years and looking in from the other side it has given me the opportunity to learn and witness so much. I often put valuable information out there to help singles navigate trying to find love. At times it’s advise sometimes it is ground breaking dating do’s and do not’s. What I was finding was, it was all over the shop. This page is about keeping it all together in a place where singles can access easily  the information they need to make their dating experience easier and more successful.

You will find links to cheat cheats, recourse guides and even  videos. Feel free to give me a call or shoot me a quick email if you ever have any questions. This is a page that builds, so popping back every now and then will be a great idea. Another way to keep up it to sign up for my FREE news letter. This has always got lots of hints and tips. Sign up now