Henty Field Days 2017

We are so happy with this years Henty Field Days 2017. The weather was exquisite and the crowd in a stellar mood.  Tuesday was a little slow but I put that down to the weather being a little chilly. But I have to admit that it was far better than other years when we have been drench and frozen for the whole three days. Wednesday was amazing. the sun shone in all its beautiful glory and the put the crowd in a great mood. I’m not sure about other stall holders but it was the best day I have had a Henty in years. I was not so much the amount of entries we got it was more about the quality. The people that stopped to have a chat were really genuine and interested in meeting someone fantastic to share their life with.  The third day I had a wonderful helper Deb from Abra-ca-debra  Organised Solutions, I have to admit it made pack up a breazzzzz…. Thanks heaps my beautiful friend.

One thing I love about the Henty Field days is all the people I have the opportunity to catch up with. Not only do clients pop in, they bring their family with them. Yep babies that I helped put on this earth. (That is pretty special in my books) I also had wonderful friends pop in like Janiece from Artisan House of Photography. It is amazing, she took the above photon on her phone. Best photo I have seen of me in years. lol imagine what she can do with a real camera. check out her link.

The networking at The Henty Field Days will continue to benefit my matchmaking business for years.  So I will be back in 2018 make sure you drop in and say hi.

Don’t forget I will be at the Murrembaitman Field days  21st & 22nd of October. I will also be heading over a few days early to catch up with Members and also potential members so we are really excited about that. If you are interested in catching up before the field days you can book an appointment

I Really look forward to catching up with all the winners over the next few weeks and finding out what they are really looking for in a life partner. As for all the non winners I would love to catch up with you as well, you never know I might have someone special for you to meet.


Sarah Schmidt