Christmas when you are singleChristmas can go both ways. Family fun, excitement, joy to the world I’m sure you get my drift. The other end of the scale can be soul destroying, dark, lonely and makes you wonder “Why?”.

Being single at Christmas does sux. But most people still have family around them or close friends. Your Christmas will be what ever you make it. It is your decision weather to mope around and feel sorry for yourself. The only person who is in charge of your emotions is you. You are the one that sets your mind set. I know and I can hear you saying…. “Sarah it is just not that easy!”  Don’t worry I hear you. I know sometimes digging yourself out of a very dark pit seems like an extraordinary task.

Here are a few steps you can use to make a lonely Christmas a lot brighter.

  • Play Golf With Santa: Do something silly. It is the silly season so why not.  The ability to make yourself and others laugh does not need to come naturally. Playing golf with Santa or just wearing a Santa hat  or crazy dangely earrings just the simplest thing to make yourself or someone else smile.
  • Say Yes: When someone invites you to share a meal with them on Xmas day say yes. Don’t feel you are imposing, this person would of put a lot of thought into inviting you. You are not imposing if you turn up with things that will complement their day. Ask what you can bring. If they say nothing take something anyway, flower’s, wine, chocolate’s, a small gift for their kids. What ever it is, this way you will feel part of the day… (Also make sure you help clean up)
  • Don’t Drink Alone: The easiest way to get yourself in a dark place is to starting drinking alone. Looking at the bottom of a bottle is a sure fire way to suddenly think how horrid and shitfull life is. It is easy to convince yourself there is a reason you are alone and suddenly you confidence and self worth are not worth a pinch of salt. The sober you knows that’s not right, but sober you left the building 4 glasses of red ago.
  • Think about others: There is always someone one else alone at Christmas. It might be an elderly neighbor a work friend or someone with family that is along way away. You don’t have to be a child to be a Christmas orphan. Make a mental note of people you know that could be potentially alone and see if they are interested in making plans. (Look at their eyes sparkle when they realise they are not the only ones.) Contact your local lions club or charity to see if there is somewhere you could volunteer at. The gift of giving goes both ways and it does not need to be monetary. Time and a friendly smile to someone that is in a dark place is just as important.
  • Start planning now: Ok you now now that Christmas is just you. Now is the time to put the wheels in motion. Start asking people what their plans are, start seeking out charities or contact an aged care facility I’m sure they will have residents that need a little Christmas visit. You are the only one that can create a magical Christmas, don’t expect someone else to do it for you. You are the only one that will kick you out of bed to make a difference in someone eases life.

The year past is exactly that. The past. Next year will be a cracka if you want it to be. You are are the only one in charge of you and your future.

If you want someone to share your life call today.

Don’t for get out Xmas offer.

Bless you all and I hope you make Christmas one to remember.


Sarah Schmidt