How many members do you have?

At any one time we run between 1200 and 1500 Active members…. But over the years between the two agencies Genesis and Country dating (That I merged 10 years ago) we would have in excess of 50,000 I know pretty amazing. 

How much will it cost me?

Our memberships are affordable, scalable and can be paid in installments if required. When we chat with you and are aware of the level of service you require, we can inform you of the costs. These costs will be documented for you so you have full disclosure before making any financial commitment.

What sorts of people join Countrydating?

All sorts. Think of any occupation you like and we would, more than likely, have at least one. We do specialise in introducing country people, so we do have lots of rural workers and farmers. Country towns still have doctors, nurses, single mums, builders, IT professionals, factory workers, plant operators, policemen and the list goes on. It doesn’t matter what you do or who you are, people crave, need or want a partner in life. The love from another person can change your life, and at the end of the day, dose it really matter if he or she is a nurse or a builder.

Do you have group dinners or single nights?

As a rule, no. Occasionally, we have a large promotion, like a singles night. We prefer to concentrate on organising one-on-one introductions. This way we have more control and can introduce you to the right singles.

How confidential is it?

We never divulge last names, addresses, or place of work and we never give out phone numbers without permission. This is something that is extremely important and is drilled into every staff member.

Do I have to put my details on the web page?

No, that is totally up to you. We never publish anything on-line that would reveal your identity. Photos are an option. While all names are sometimes fictitious, the clients we profile are real. We have discovered that people who have a photo have a 90% better chance of other singles asking to meet them.

How safe is the process of introduction?

We take great care in assuring confidentiality with regard to our client’s personal information and advise them to take the usual common sense precautions until they have met and feel comfortable with anyone we introduce. For instance, though it appears nice to have the offer to pick you up from home or work, it is preferable in the first instance to meet at a pre-arranged time at a popular public venue. We suggest that you offer personal or workplace addresses and contact details only after you have met and feel comfortable with the person to whom you have been introduced. If, at any time, you have any reservations about a person to whom you have been introduced, please call us immediately. Your feedback is very important to us in further assisting you and other singles.

Do I have to take everyone I meet out to dinner?

No. In fact, we strongly advise our clients to take the opportunity at the first introduction to limit their time to a brief catch up, maybe over a coffee, with a view to assessing their comfort level with the person they meet. Take this time to get to know a little of the people you meet; to look for common interests (hobbies, sport, etc). If there is a mutual feeling that an relationship may develop, you can decide from that point on how you would like to spend your time. Please remember that when first meeting someone, conversation may be a little strained due to nervousness and sometimes a second or even date is needed to really find out what that person is like.

Do I have to put my photo on the internet?

No, not at all. However, do bear in mind that photos give a strong visual in support of the client profile and profiles that have no photo rarely get looked at.

Are the people you advertise real people?

Yes, they are real people, though we do sometimes change their names for reasons of confidentiality. Our singles are genuine people seeking long-term relationships, hopefully ending up in a permanent partnership.

Country Dating

Hi, I'm Sarah- a wine lover , cheese fiend, a sustainable homesteader, mother of two crazy kids & a wife of a chef. I also love to give back to society.  I live, breathe, and love all things dating! I started in the Dating Industry in 1997 and have been changing people’s lives ever since. If you're overwhelmed by what your future holds I’d love to see how I can help.

Being a matchmaker at an Introduction Agency is incredibly rewarding.  I feel so blessed to be such an important part in someone’s journey. 

Country Dating has been and will continue to be my life’s passion and work. This ever evolving world and industry is one that will be around for a long time. Dating can be a very overwhelming path and having a Matchmaker to share that with can make all the difference.

Please let me know if you would like to find out more and how I or one of my matchmakers can help you move forward in your life.