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Hi My name is Sarah Schmidt. I have been a Matchmaker for over 20 years and the one thing that makes a massive difference to your dating journey is the more your matchmaker knows about you the more successful your journey will be. Don’t worry we don’t need to know the super personal stuff like your medicare number…. 

Sarah Schmidt

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I couldn’t recommend Sarah highly enough. If you leave your mind open and let her do her magic, you may get to share your life with someone wonderful like me.


Hello Nadine,
Just updating to let you know I hit the jackpot with Ian. We are really enjoying each others company and things are progressing extremely well. So thank you for matching us up.


Thanks again and regards Richard
PS: suffice to say, if my membership hasn’t already lapsed, it’s probably safe to let it lapse now!!!!


Where has the last 5 months gone! I have been totally lost and absorbed in hopes, dreams and plans for the future! So finally, here is a big “THANK YOU!”


Hi, just a short note to say thank you for introducing me to David about two years ago. We are now married and . And more exciting news, we are expecting our first child


I would just like to write you a letter of thanks and say that as someone who’s been a member of several agencies, Country Dating would have to be without a question the best one.


I have just spent my first X-mass with my new hubbi Ben. Thank you so much for every thing you done, I would still be sitting at home alone if it was not for you.


I have never met a man like him and have told all my friends how we met, I received a few funny looks but I don’t care. We are planning to marry


I remember the day you told me about him, and you said you had a gut feeling about this one. Well I have told all my friends you hit the nail on the head.


Guess What? I’m pregnant! Thank you so much I knew the moment I laid eyes on him that he was the one.


Glen has taken to my boys as if they were his own, and he is wonderful with them. They have also responded to Glen much better than I ever thought was possible. One of the boys calls him DAD.


We are still getting to know each other, but in he meantime, spending some wonderful times together and thoroughly enjoying one another’s company


Thank you so much for the introduction to Doris, we are still getting on fine. Distance is a burden, but it is only a small hurdle. We get along so well and when we are together we have a great time. The more time we spend together the better it is.


Afterwards I met Sarah and she explained the whole process. It sounded easy. I told her about my work commitments and she said she would only call me when she had someone perfect. After a month had gone past I was starting to think that I would never find anyone, but on a Thursday night around six-thirty Sarah called to tell me about Ted, a gent who had just joined. That was the one and only introduction I needed — Ted is now my husband and we are expecting our first child


After chatting with Sarah for a few hours I was signed up with high hopes. I met seven ladies then I met Gail and I have not looked back.


With Sarah’s help I met the man of my dreams, we now have two children, we both sold our houses and brought a bigger one with a great back yard.


Sarah took me under her wing and found some fantastic ladies for me to meet. It took a while but we got there in the end. I now have a delightful lady in my life and it’s much better than chatting to people online for half the night, now I get to cuddle all night.


The brilliant thing about Sarah and her wonderful business Country dating is that is changed my life.Sarah helped me see that I was a good catch I just had shocking anti-social hours that I worked. We sat down for well over an hour and she worked out what I was looking for. 5 years later I am married, happy and settled.


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