Fake Photos / Old photos. 

One of the biggest complaints I hear about online dating is the woman using old photos. They are not necessarily someone else but they may as well be. Not one of us wants to grow old unless you are 12 and you can’t wait to move out of home and start making your own way in life because as we all know money does grow on trees. Back to the subject…. The dating journey can be really fun if all goes well. Or it can be absolutely heartbreaking.

This is an example I had just this week. (He decided not to join)

I had a top guy come into the office. Divorced, great business, really community minded, really fit and not fantastic looking but OK. Well firstly he had really high standards and was looking for so she had to be attractive and very fitness focussed. I explained that I didn’t really have supermodels and if that is what he wanted I wouldn’t be able to help him out….

To cut a long story short I was telling one of my ladies about him as I truly thought that would be a great match. She said wow he does sound great but also familiar. It was then she sent me a photo of a guy she was chatting to on internet dating that I quickly said no…. Same name but different town but they did look similar………..

One of the reasons this gent said he was coming to see me was he was sick and tired of online dating and weeding through all the “Crap” and I fully understood this as I hear it all the time….  I couldn’t get it out of my mind so later that day I went back to look at the two photos side by side….. Yep they were the same guy but the online photo was at least 10 years old.


I hear about online dating scams all the time, I have had clients fall for them and lose hundreds and thousands of dollars. I have them call me and tell me about a wonderful man that they have fallen in love with online without meeting them in person. It absolutely breaks my heart  to know that Australians were scammed for $65Million dollars just in online dating scams and they were just the ones reported!!!!! THIS YEAR ALONE !!!!!  But really that is a whole other blog for another day.

Today I want you to understand that what you see online with dating profiles are not always right…. Yep a great photo can definitely get you more messages. For me I would want to know what else are you NOT telling the truth about. You may think I really have not changed in the last 10 years this photo is ok …… !!!!!!! People look in the mirror yes you have changed stop kidding yourself !!!!! Or STOP trying to get messages from people that are looking for younger people. All that is going to happen is they will be disappointed and feel ripped off. It just makes me angry if you haven’t noticed.

We may not have the best or most professional profile photos but I can guarantee that they are current especially if  I have taken them. I love my agency and if you ask most of my members I am a bit of a mother hen. If I found out one of my clients was a scammer the hunt would be on!!!! If I feel one of my members was here for the wrong reasons there membership would be cancelled. I understand how much emotion is involved in this journey. I understand people’s hearts can be fragile and easily broken and I do absolutely everything in my power to make this work for as many people as possible .

Well I think that possibly could be enough of a rant from yours truly. This is a small world be honest !!!!