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Do you Believe in Love?

Well If I didn’t believe in love it would be rather tragic don’t you think?  My whole life revolves around love. So let me elaborate.

Love of life : I am so blessed to be healthy and enjoy what I do. Yes just like everyone I have my struggles and some days you just wonder why the hell you get out of bed and go to work. Like everyone else I feel underappreciated and at times worthless. But you know what? That is a small part. The majority of the time I love my job, I love getting the kids ready for school, I live collecting the eggs and checking on by bees.

 Love of Self: I am not perfect! I look in the mirror and wonder were these wrinkles came from. I say to my self, Sarah you really need to loose 20 kgs. Sarah you should spend more time presenting yourself better. Sarah you should, you should, you  should… Sound familiar? You know what? I am awesome, I am a hard worker, a great mum, a spectacular sister, a loving daughter a caring friend and the best wife my awesome husband will ever have. So if today my hair is not right, so be it. If I have cake, tomorrow is a new day. I am awesome and the people around me and in my life a blessed to have me.

Love of Family: I have been really lucky and have a functional family that are close. I understand that not everyone is that blessed. I have a husband that loves me and two beautiful children that I would do anything for. I go to work everyday to let them have a wonderful education. I wake up next to my best friend every morning and regularly there is a five year old with an arm draped across my head there as well. I know I am blessed, that is part of the reason I work so hard. I believe everyone deserves love. Everyone should have someone special they call family. No family is perfect. Being apart of a destructive family will send you to therapy. I recently had a wedding and the groom was nervous and felt run down by his family. They loved him, that was not the issue they just had a very odd way of showing it. After the ceremony I looked at him and said. Now you have a new family.

Love of that special person in you life that you share your inner most heart with: This is something that I truly need to get across to people. The divorce rate  is growing every year. Life if full of chapters and your relationship and marriage is a huge chapter in your life no matter how long it lasts. Every family or relationship break down is different. The part I like to think about is there was a reason at the start. There was a reason you were together, just like the there was a reason I married Brad. Where did that reason go? You need to let that person know how you feel. Every night I lay my head down on the pillow I tell my husband I love him. (Even if he is asleep) Most mornings he makes me a coffee when I emerge from bed. When the kids head off to bed we share time together. It might not be date nigh once a week, but I go out of my way everyday to let him know how I feel. Relationships are work, maybe society has forgotten that.

So when you find that special person make it work, make this the last relationship you ever have. Because being alone is just to hard.


Sarah Schmidt