Coffee Tried and True or Dull? 

We have all met up with someone at some stage for a coffee. If you are in the Dating scene we know coming up with new and impressive dating plans can become expensive.  The advantage of meeting your date for a coffee is, firstly it is cheap and when meeting lost’s of singles that’s great.  (Dinner dates at restaurants can add up.)

I must admit I tend to be a little old fashioned and I proffer the gent to pay for coffee. I’m not cheap I just think it shows he is a gentleman and that is a value I look for in men. If I seriously am not interested and really don’t want to see him again I insist on splitting the bill.

The other advantage of coffee dates is it could be One coffee then do the bolt or it could be several.  You could be kicked out at closing then find the closest bar or dining option.  The options are up to you and your date.


Or you could skull your coffee and fly off to another fictitious appointment. (This is not the best option, if you are siting with your date and you truly feel this is not the person for you. Still take the time to be kind and genuine. The reason being this could be you one day. Always think of how they would feel. )

Coffee is your opportunity to find out what the other person is up to in life. If you are interested this is where you should be working out what you are going to plan for your second date. (If you get one) suss out what they enjoy and plan a date around that. If you want to impress the second date you can go all out and you have a fair chance of impressing.

If you are in the dating world and you are not a current member now is the time to call and find out how I can find you someone awesome to share a brew with.  0437077786

Date Night is not just for the Singles. Date night is so important for couples in new relationship and couples in more seasoned relationships. Having time alone is very important to keep that spark and interest going. Take the time to be alone and enjoy each other. Leave the kids with a friend or family member and just hang out and do something different. Make memories and smile. Do this once a month or fortnight and you will be more unlikely to be my client again.

Date Night Rocks

Sarah Schmidt

The Secret Cup in Wodonga High St.

Funky, great food, extremely friendly and has private little pozzies to sit. (perfect for a first date.