Hi Everyone, 

Wow life as we know has changed in a few massive ways and we need to adapted of be left be hind..To stop this virus the Government has had to put in some pretty big lock downs. This page is to help get you organised with dating and how that will look going forward. Now it is incredibly important to keep our connections. Now is the the to reach out and become social….


I want to assure you that we are not changing to internet dating. You will still have a human looking after you!!! I will do everything in my power to help you move forward with confidence… I’m sure it will be only for a few months.

Virtual meetings  

With all the cafes, restaurants and bars only offering takeaways it is getting pretty hard to catch up to meet. So lets catch up on Zoom. What is Zoom ? Well it is an online conference service that is free to use for up to 30 min. 


Firstly zoom.us is an online conference / meeting space. I have been using it for Thermomix for the past 6 months and it works really well. 

Step 1 : Add  zoom.us  to your browser

Step 2 : Create a Free account you will find it in the right hand corner. 

Step 3: The will give you a number with 10 digits . This is your unique room number and that is the number you give to your introduction when you want to meet face to face. All they have to do is go to zoom.us and click on join a meeting it is that simple. 

Don’t forget they will be able to see you and what is behind you. Get dressed up as if you are going on a date. Make sure it looks clean behind you and have a cuppa ready or a glass of wine. 

If you are int he generation of can not cope don’t stress I am here to support you and I will help you set it up. There is also some tutorials on the zoom page that I’m sure will e helpful.  

We can stop the spread if this virus and have a good time trying !!!!