Why Feedback is so powerful for you!!!

What I do, seems simple but so incredibly complex at the same time. I have so many beautiful clients that I speak with ever week and over the years I hate to think how much time I have seriously spent on this phone.

Im am hear to make your dating Journey as successful as possible, It is my job to put the correct people in your path. I know statistically this works and is has been successfully working since the dawn of time. You don’t to to a bar if you want to meet a non drinker, you don’t go to the footy if you do not want someone in your life that loves the football. I’m sure you know what I am getting at.

Being the primary person that organises all the introductions at Country dating I need to know what is going on in your head… I need to know what happened with your last introduction. Did you meet? Was he great? Was she awesome or did it all fall in a whole? Every interaction with every introduction forms your journey. Im my mind it creates a story or picture. Trust me I have a fair bit floating around in my head. The more I know the more tools I have to find you the right person.

I don’t need to know the intimate details! or the crazy ins and outs of your date or every conversation leading up to the said date.  Honesty is always the best policy…Be assured it will not get back to them it is confidential. Unless it will help them move forward to a successful relationship.   I will say something tactfully (not mentioning names) if this is the case.

Trust me I have heard it all !!!!! 

One of mankind’s biggests faults is our lack of ability to communicate successfully. We can not read minds and we certainly can’t always say what is on your mind either. Because of self  preservation it is just not a great Idea. But you can tell me. If you really liked Roger but you didn’t think he was too keen….. Well what if he was and he really didn’t know how to put that across successfully. Well If I know I can put things in to action and change your destiny with just one nuge!!!! Yep lives can be changed  just by making sure you give me your feedback. It is truly that simple.

How to give Feed back

Important Note: Texting……. When I send out your introduction I send a computer generated text from my computer to make sure you check your inbox for your introductions details. DO NOT REPLY to this number. Often I will not see it, if it is too long it will cut off characters. It does not accept photos… and you all know how much I love photos.

So when texting back your feedback send it to the office Mobile: 0437077786

Email: This is always great, I can keep a track of it and alway go back to it easily you can send it after hours and it is not a problem.

In person: All my personal clients know they are always welcome to call and have a chat. Truly I love to talk to everyone but realistically there are just not enough hours in my day sometimes.

So can you understand how incredibly important feedback is now…  The more I know the more I have in my arsonal to change your life in incredible ways.