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Make It Happen

Make It Happen

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Confidence and presentation go hand in hand.

I have to admit I’m sitting  in  the salon getting  an awesome  blow wave  from the apprentice,  while I am writing  this blog post. Yep that is dedication  for  you. But in all seriousness  I looked at  why I love getting  my hair  done. Well there is  two reasons  A)  Like a lot of  people  I just love getting  my hair done. B) This would  be  the primary  reason. I  love the  way  it looks. It makes  me feel great and lifts  my confidence  immensely.
Confidence  can be a deal breaker on a date  and in life.
Men and women  are naturally  attracted to confidence and it is one of the  most  requested attributes  for  in a potential  partner.
I have to  admit  I was one of  those women  that could  not be  bothered. A pony  tail and bit of  powder and I was out the door. Sure on the weekends  that’s fine but when I am out to impress  and make a  statement  I have to put a bit more work in. To me that was getting  a  make up  lesson it was looking at my diet and getting  my hair  under control.
Heading  out on a date  is the same thing. You want to  walk  out the  door  feeling awesome. Present  yourself  well and put your best foot forward. If that is  not good enough  for who ever  you are meeting  it is their loss.

At the end of the day sometimes it has nothing to do with presentation or confidence. Sometimes there is just no connection and really that is no ones fault. It was just not meant to be. When the right one crosses your path it will happen. You need to work out what your confidence booster are and get them done, walk out the door knowing you are awesome and any man or woman would be lucky to have you in their life.

Sarah Schmidt