Coffee & Dining

When dating there are so many factors to take into consideration.

Coffee & Dining: On this page you will find an ever growing list of amazing dining experiences. You can also pop me an email if you know somewhere that needs to be mentioned. You will find them in geographical areas and also small destinations that could be used as half way points for the perfect dating opportunity.

Taking the opportunity to spend time with someone with little distraction is a great way to find out if there is a true connection that could be built into a genuine relationship. When first dating you should meet somewhere public but still not to busy. Hustle and bustle can be distracting and really detract from getting to know this interesting, attractive, fun and adventurous person that is sitting across from you. So make sure you choose somewhere that you can chat with out having to raise your voices to hear one another. Dating is hard enough. You don’t need to make it worse.