Bring Back the Romance. Country dating Style. 

Romance on first Date.

This is not something you want to over do or it just comes across creepy, needy or desperate. So I have listed a few simple things that might get you a second date.

For the Gents

  1. Open the door. (Simple as that)
  2. Pull out her chair.
  3. Offer to pay for coffee.
  4. If it was a cracker date call Sarah with your credit card and she will arrange flowers.
For the Ladies.

  1. If you have no intention of seeing this man again pay your own way
  2. Offer to cook dinner for your second date. (Only if you feel comfortable)
  3. Flirt and let them know you are interested. Men are terrible at reading little hints.
  4. Compliment him on his smell or dress sense.


Sarah Schmidt

Bring back the Romance.

Relationships are work, I don’t care what anyone says. But what you need to remember it needs to be fun work. Romance can really spice up your love life. Romance can really take your relationship to the next level or snag the love of your life. That is really what I want to cover today. Using romance to snag your future husband or wife because that’s why we are all here.

Romance Novels. Have they destroyed us?

As her heaving breast sighed with relief as he brushed a wisp of hair from her cheek. Beth knew she could see into the depths of his soul by just looking into his dark chocolate eyes. She knew his hard  exterior of strength was soon to be hers as she aloud him to lower her gently to the cool grass.

Yep Sure right. I know as a young woman used to lap this stuff up and in reality it was a pipe dream. What we need to do is work out what romance is to you. Well I know what it is to me, it opening the door, putting flue in the car, it is leaving a note some where silly. I think a a young woman I was so disappointed that what ever young man it was at the time was not sweeping me off my feet. But we all learn as we age, well some of us do anyway.