Country dating coach


Where are you looking for love? Online, pubs, clubs, facebook? All legitimate places to find your one and only. But you know what? Sometimes that just does not work. Meeting people is easy as pie for most. It is meeting that special person that makes you shudder in your boots and your spine tingle is the hard part…. Sorry about that, but it is hard. There are thousands of great singles out there that are ready for love. There are also scary broken losers that masquerade as genuine singles that you need to run from. Most of the clients I work with have absolutely no interest in sitting in a bar drinking hard liquor like they do on the moves. Yep people in the movies are not real, stunning people don’t sit down next to you and nod to the barman that is polishing a glass and say. ” 2 more ” Sorry about that.

Singles in 2019 are looking for a real connection, something that can’t be found on a smart screen.  Yes technology is wonderful and I’m on it all the time for work and social. I have a thirst for knowledge that I do find on line and in blogs just like this. But you will not find a partner. This is something you need you actually get off line and do in person. Ig you need ha hand you know how to find me….