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Make It Happen

Make It Happen

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Abundance and what you are looking at  in the mirror.

I look at so many of my members and know they are awesome, I know they have value and are ready to make a courageous move in their life. They are sincere about about welcoming a marvelous new relationship into their world, they are passionate about so many different things and hearing all their stories is something that is a constant amasement for me as their matchmaker. I see handsome men walk through my door, I see their trepidation, I see their sparkle when I tell them about the wonderful naturally graceful woman that I have and I also see their fear. The exquisite breathtaking woman that bear there souls to me have room to create a wonderful inspiring life with someone authentic and genuine.

These people are you, everyone of you have a story that is real and sometimes painful. Everyone of you walk through my door for help. I want you to open your eyes and see what I see. Not only in yourself and in the mirror but in the people you meet. It is a proven fact that as you get to know someone your physical attraction will grow. It happens all the time, you may know someone for years and suddenly you start seeing them in a different light.

I can be unstoppable force when I am passionate about something, there is a phenomenal abundance around me of beautiful people that are ready for love, passion and the next chapter.

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Sarah Schmidt