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Make It Happen

Can a set of 36 questions help you fall in love?

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For hundreds of years people have wondered why we fall in love.Dating?  Is it all science?  Or is it that chemistry that no can quiet explain or is it just that face you were in the right place at the right time? Could there be a simple formula that creates imitate and close feelings towards someone else?

If only Dating was that easy. Science can tell us so many wonderful things with current technology, but is it really science that determines our soul mate or life partner? I think not. Can a list of 36 questions broken down into 3 sets create an atmosphere where love can be created? I think not. But what can achieve is knowing the other person that little bit better  so you can make a more informed choice on weather Dating that person again is something that is a good plan.


What is love? How do you know if you are in love or just really fond of someone? Are are minds ruled buy all the movies, romance novels and soap operas? I know for a fact that with over 20 years experience in the Dating industry of love it can mean a lot of  different things to different people.

It is unfortunate fact that by the time people walk through my door that have been through a nasty divorce or break up and the concept of love can be a little dinted and broken.  But over and over again I see true love prevail in in individuals that were convinced that it would never happen for them ever again. Being such a true believer in LOVE I have often wondered and spent hours wondering how it all worked. What makes us click? What is it, that makes the pit of your stomach do a little flip when you think of someone special? Well I think it is a magical wonder that science will never discover.

But I do believe that getting the conversation going can be difficult at times and these 36 question will help you get to know someone in a fun way.

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Sarah Schmidt