3 ways to get out of the friends zone


We have all been there… We getting along famously everything is great, heaps in common wow cannot wait to see them again. What comes next?

You wait for that moment?

Crap that moment just has not arrived. You keep chatting, you keep meeting, they want to take things slow. Oh crap how slow it too slow.

I can hear you thinking… Yep Yep and Yep. This is a situation that rings all too true.

Firstly you don’t come to an introduction agency to find friends as a rule (yes there is always a few exceptions) You come to find a life partner and yes you also want to be your best friend and partner in crime. A big part of an adult relationship is affection and well I think you know where I am going.

Sexual energy and compatibility are really important to a lot of people even into their 80’s yes you heard me. Life does not stop at 50.

So getting out of that friend zone can be at the time a bit tricky so here are my tips.

  1. Turn on the romance. Go out of your way, light candles dine out somewhere special. This is a pretty big hint.
  2. Subtle movements. A brush of a hand, or just moving that little closer than you normally would. Watch for their reaction. Did they move back? If they did that’s ok it is not the end of the world. Sometimes a little step back comes before a step forward.
  3. Make a move. If you want to be with this person you have let them know. Don’t launch yourself at them. Start slowly if they are interested they will join in.

Life is too short to fluff around or let that fantastic person just drift off and find someone else because he or she was not interested.

If your advances are not accepted move on. There are wonderful people ready for a relationship this one is just not the one and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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Sarah Schmidt