Your choices create your happiness.

There are thousands of choices we make everyday. Make the wrong ones and you life will not be worth being a part of. Make the right ones an your life will be abundant with love, happiness and everything you have been looking for.

1. Choose  someone  that is fun easy  going and easily  impressed. ( high maintenance  people  lack the ability  to enjoy  the simple  things in life)
2. I’m writing  this  in early  Autumn. What a spectacular  time of year. It is so easy to spend  time in the great outdoors. Take a walk…. I’m not saying  strap on the joggers and power  down the road. I’m saying  check  out a map, find a walking  track along  the river. Got kids?  Take them!!!! ENJOY  THEM !!!!
Pick up  huge leaves, hunt for cool bugs. Be inquisitive enjoy  the sunshine and the brisk air. Smile, laugh about  silly  things.
Why is  this a great plan? Well there are so many reasons. Firstly  fresh  air and the outdoors make you feel more alive and ready for  something  new. Seeing  someone  smile  freely  and genuinely  is very attractive. If  you’re  a parent be an awesome  parent yet another  attractive  and very desirable  quality  that one looks for in a lifetime  partner.
3. Road Trip !!!!
Choose  3 small towns  that are close  together. In each town choose  the lamest  tourist  destinations. Laughing  is going to help you  fall in  love or fall back in love.
These dates are not only great  for new couples  but fantastic  for couples  that have hit a rut in their  love life.
4.  Six course  dinner.
This is great  fun. Meet somewhere  early (6 courses  takes a  while  ) This takes  a  little  planning  but we’ll worth it..
Drinks well actually  only  one you have to pace your self.
Move on to a pre dinner snack or hordervs  if you can work it in with a tappers bar that would  be perfect.
Move  on  to somewhere  new and interesting for  the entree. Mix the the  destinations  up from  very Casual   to classy even  a cheep and cheerful  is fun.
Next stop main meal. Make sure  you also mix up the cuisine. Also  don’t  tell your date what is  going on make the next  destination  a bit of a fun guessing  game  where you  give them  dodgy  hints that sends them inthe wrong  direction  and laugh  together  until it hurts when you are busted for being  dodgy
Then we have desert. You would think this is the romantic  end of  the night but no !!!! There Is More. But more about  desert. Hard Rock  Ice creamery  or even a maccers  soft serve keep it fun because  it is the next course that will make or break  the date
coffee and chocolate. winner winner chicken  dinner.
It is more than  likely  late by now the night  is winding  down  and if in winter  this is a perfect  way to End a date.
Firstly  every  one  knows  the effects  of good chocolate. If you are not blessed  enough  to  have an amazing  place to have chocolate  and coffee just take your own  chocolates. Put some Thought  into it. Find out  your dates  favorite  asked weeks in advance  if you need to. Hand made selected  chocolates  eaten with a story  of flavor  Can be very sensual.
We are all adults  and depending  where your relationship  is up to  will determine  what  happens  next.. But whatever  happens  next accept  it with a gracious  smile  even  if  it means you go home alone.
5. Float  down  a river.
This is a must  for summer. If you know me at all you will know one of passions  is fishing. But number  5 is not a fishing  date.  Floating  around  a bend in a river  and seeing  perfection  is something  that you need to share with  someone  special. I still remember  one particular  bend. So when  ever  I  drift off  in a daydream  there is  a pretty  high  chance  I’m floating  around  that bend. (It was a pretty amazing  bend)
6. Notes
An oldie but a goodie. Notes in the fridge  on the  Vegemite  notes on a pillow. One of  the most Confidence  building practices  in a relationship  is to know that your significant  other  Is thinking  of you when your not there.
7. Volunteer  together.
One of  the things  that makes me feel good about  myself  is helping  others. I find kind genuine people  attractive  and thinking  of someone other than  your  self  is a very attractive attribute.